About Us

Flurrybox Team

The need for quality Magento 2 Extensions

While working with Magento stores for over 8 years we had to deal with the majority of Magento extension vendors. Nearly all of them had extensions that look great on the outside but when you take a deeper look you understand that it's not that clean and beautiful on the inside. You have probably encountered issues with Magento 2 extensions such as hard to customize, conflicting functionality and even breaking the website. Mainly extension vendors focus on polishing the outside without any effort put in the code architecture, plan and development - that is way faster and easier.

The solution - top-notch Magento 2 Extensions

We are here to develop Magento 2 extensions with the quality your developers (and you) will love. Forget about conflicting extensions with limited customization options. Our extensions are carefully planned and created as per the Magento 2 best practices by highly experienced and certified Magento 2 developers.

Our mission

All extension vendors want to become the biggest ones in the field. We don't. We're here to raise the bar of Magento 2 extension quality. We'll make other extension vendors start investing in the quality and planning of extensions.

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